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Palestinian factions welcome Turkish efforts to lift Gaza siege

Most Palestinian factions yesterday hailed Turkish efforts to end the strict Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah reported.

During several inter-factional meetings which included Hamas, the PFLP, Islamic Jihad, Al-Ahrar, Al-Mujahideen, the Popular Resistance Movement and others, the Turkish role and effort made aiming to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza was hailed.

Speaking to Al-Resalah, an official condemned the Palestinian Authority’s position which has been critical of the Turkish role.

“This position proves that the PA is part of the Israeli-led siege which has been imposed on Gaza for ten years.”

It has been recently revealed that the ongoing Turkish-Israeli talks to restore relations may lead to lifting the siege on Gaza through building a seaport for the movement of people and goods.

This step was condemned by Fatah and the PA. A senior Fatah leader said his movement would not allow this to happen, while the Fatah Executive Committee said this was an Israeli trick to separate Gaza from the West Bank.

Hamas Spokesman Ismail Ridwan said building a seaport and airport in Gaza is a “natural right” for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, denying the PA’s claims that a seaport in Gaza would separate it from the occupied West Bank.

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