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A Palestinian artist making a living through sand sculpting

Osama Spitah, 24, from Al-Shuja’iyya in Gaza has been honing his skills for the past two years and has now become a prominent artist. He has made an impression in Gaza and across the world.

Spitah told MEMO that he graduated with a degree in accounting and then started to develop his artistic talents, which were apparent from a young age.

There is no doubt that Osama’s art stems from the energy and determination resulting from the war and destruction that occurred in his neighbourhood. This provoked many ideas and aspirations, which he translates onto the beach in Gaza, where Osama creates his sculptures.

Osama creates sand sculptures that personify national issues and are considered messages to the entire world. His sculptures display national initiatives, Palestinian icons and sacred places such as Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. He also depicts the siege, the solidarity convoys and Palestinian leadership figures who have led the struggle. His work also shows Arab revolutions and major events across the world.

This work has become a source of income for Osama, as a number of groups and organisations have approached him to produce advertisements for them.

However, Osama still needs greater support, as he has larger aspirations and is thinking of breaking a Guinness world record. However, operating as a single individual will not allow him to do so and will not grant him the support he needs to achieve his goals.

Images by MEMO photographer Mohammed Asad.

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