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Ban on Arabic and Turkish will remain in place in French town

Mayor of the French town of Migennes François Boucher has insisted that a ban on teaching Arabic and Turkish in the schools under his administration remain in place, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.

Boucher claims that teaching Arabic and Turkish poses “security threats”, however, this was condemned by French Education Academy and other French bodies.

Migennes Turkish Culture Association Deputy Chairman Faruk Bıyık told Anadolu that Boucher, from the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), banned the Arabic and Turkish classes, which were taught on Wednesdays after the school day was over in public schools.

Bıyık noted that he and his associates asked the French Education Academy and provincial governorate about the mayor’s decision. Both bodies, which reiterated that they did not issue this decision, and said Boucher does not have the power to take such action.

Meanwhile, Boucher said in a statement that the ban would remain in place “due to the continuous security threats.” He added that he has not received “written” notice from the local government relating to this issue.

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