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'Israel wouldn't dare to repeat attacks on Gaza if it was prosecuted for war crimes,' insists Barghouti

The secretary general of the Palestinian Initiative said on Friday that Israel would never dare to repeat its attacks on the Gaza Strip if it was prosecuted for the savage war crimes it committed during its offensive in summer 2014, QudsNet has reported.

"The latest Israeli artillery shelling and air strikes targeted civilians," said Mustafa Al-Barghouti in a press statement. "They were intended to escalate the situation in order to find justifications for carrying out new war crimes against the residents of the Gaza Strip." He reminded the media that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are already under an aggressive siege and deprived of the basic necessities of life.

"The International Criminal Court continues its procrastination regarding the initial checking of war crimes carried out in Gaza," added Barghouti, "as well as the settlers' crimes, despite the existence of proof."

The secular Palestinian leader, who maintains good relations with Western officials, described this procrastination as "encouragement" for Israel to carry out "more savage war crimes."

In order to defend Gaza, he called for increasing international solidarity and support for the Palestinians, stressing that this would protect them from "new Israeli crimes."


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