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World Refugee Week begins despite record breaking displacement

Millions of people are marking Refugee Week which starts today, in the hope of highlighting the bleak reality of life as a refugee.

There are more than 65 million refugees around the world, a large number are Syrians fleeing civil war.

MEMO will be publishing in-depth stories and articles to shed light on the plight of refugees, statelessness and the affect the #RefugeeCrisis is having on the international community. Here are some of the pieces which have previously covered this topic;

Watch this space !

amelia-smith-2 From Amelia Smith:

Preparing at grassroots for a peaceful, post-war Syria

Refugees have helped the West expand its war on terror

Building myths about refugees instead of a fair policy in the UK

Refugees from Syria seeking asylum in the UK may be welcome, but they must risk a perilous journey first

ben-white-2 From Ben White:

Demolitions used as tool of displacement: Israel targets the Negev

Nakba Day is not just about remembering – it is about the Palestinians' return

diana-alghoul From Diana Alghoul:

Life is on hold for Yemeni refugees

Rape and sexual exploitation should not be the norm for female refugees

jessica-purkiss From Jessica Purkiss:

A series on Statelessness: Palestinians in East Jerusalem fighting complete erasure

A series on statelessness: Palestinians fleeing death and destruction in Syria are unwelcome visitors in host countries

A series on statelessness: The Palestinians of Lebanon, a life of curtailed rights and limited opportunities

Jehan Alfarra From Jehan Alfarra

Palestinians of Syria: Refugees once more

From Saffuriya to Yarmouk Camp: Exclusive Interview with Nakba survivor

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