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UN: Unemployment in Gaza highest in the world

A Palestinian boy plays his guitar among the rubble of his home in Gaza
A Palestinian boy plays his guitar among the rubble of his home in Gaza. [File photo]

The “social and economic situation in Gaza is so difficult as the unemployment rate is the highest in the world,” Safa news agency reported UNRWA saying yesterday.

In a report, UNRWA said finding a job in Gaza is “not that easy work” due to the high unemployment rate.

According to the statistics of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), unemployment rates in Gaza have reached 41.2 per cent among males and 62.6 per cent among females.

Meanwhile, the statistics showed that 80 per cent of Gaza residents depend on humanitarian assistance from charities and aid organisations.

Several international organisations, including the World Bank, have also warned that Gaza’s economy is on the “verge of collapse” due to the long and tight Israeli siege.

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  • Wayne D. Worsham

    It was not this way before July 2005. Then President Bush forced the business owners and job producers to leave. Gaza got unemployment and the U.S. got Hurricane Katrina.

    • Alexander Malinowski

      And Gaza got Hamas government and islamification. Was it worth it?