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Egypt's government appeals court ruling nullifying assets freeze of former Morsi aide

The Egyptian government has filed an appeal against a High Administrative Court ruling which unfroze the assets of a number of former President Mohamed Morsi's aides.

The assets of Dr. Pakinam Al-Sharqawi and a number of other former Morsi aides had been frozen following a court ruling, but this was later overturned.

The government however believes the assets should remain frozen because the initial ruling was handed down by a court of urgent matters and thus should be implemented.

"It is in the state's interest that all the organisations, associations, establishments and entities that are affiliated to the [Muslim] Brotherhood group be listed and that necessary procedures be taken to halt or cancel their activity, in addition to freezing all of the Brotherhood group's assets, whether they are property, liquid assets or transferred and whether they were owned or rented by it [the group]. This also applies to all properties and assets owned by individuals who belong to the group," the government said in its appeal.

It added that it is also in the Egyptian state's interest that all such assets be managed "in line with Egyptian laws".

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