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Iranian threat to ‘erase Saudi Arabia from existence’

Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers [file photo]
Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers [file photo]

An advisor of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has threatened to erase Saudi Arabia from existence if it harms his country, while pointing out that Iran does not seek wars, Moheet.com reported on Tuesday. Hassan Firouzabadi made his comment on the fringe of the Iran Defence Show.

“If Saudi Arabia made such a mistake,” he explained, “it would be punished to the degree that there would be no remains of the Saudi regime and Wahhabism in the world.”

The Saudis, he added, do not have human cadres for the purpose of war. “They do not have the needed abilities. They will only face the [Iranian] army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards with their American aircraft and mercenary Pakistani and Sudanese pilots. They will not be able to resist.”

Firouzabadi concluded with a claim that the world powers are aware of the precision rockets owned by Iran and “keep this in mind” in their dealings.

The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qasimi, had earlier warned Saudi Arabia about taking the same steps as the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and similar regimes.

Speaking about the Saudi role in Yemen, Qasimi said: “Saudi launched its aggression on an independent and sovereign state and carried out crimes and massacres of innocents. It has this dilemma and is unable to go forward. Hence, it blames others and absurdly accuses them and their roles in Yemen.”

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