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Brotherhood leader complains of abuse inside Egyptian prison

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie has complained of harassment inside prison, raising objections to his mistreatment because he "has never offended or abused anyone my entire life," Anadolu reported yesterday.

The complaint came during Badie's hearing along with 682 other Brotherhood leaders and members.

During his dialogue with the court, Badie said: "I do not care about chanting against me, but insulting my mother and father or spitting at me inside the prison, this is not acceptable." He asked the court to stop the prisoners abusing him.

Omar Swedan, one of the judges, asked Badie whether he could identify any of the offenders, but he replied: "It was harassment from a group."

The judge then ignored his request but Badie, 72, insisted that the police should do something to stop the abuse he was suffering.

Badie continued imploring the police outside the court: "I have never offended anyone my entire life."

A member of Badie's defence team told Anadolu that the prisoners who abused the Brotherhood leader "do not have any political affiliation but they are imprisoned over criminal offences, including robbery."

Badie was arrested in the wake of the military coup against the first freely elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, along with thousands of other Brotherhood leaders, members and supporters.

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