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Brotherhood's Akef moved to private hospital due to health deterioration

Informed sources have revealed that former Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef has been moved from Qasr El-Eyni Internal Medicine Hospital, in central Cairo, to a private hospital.

The move has apparently been made after an appeal from his family about the deterioration of his health. Akef was diagnosed with cancerous tumours in his bile duct, reported Cairo News Portal.

On 26 December, the Muslim Brotherhood revealed that its former leader's condition is terminal and demanded that he be released. The Egyptian authorities have only responded to the movement's request now.

Akef is being detained on charges of involvement in the summer 2013 "Guidance Office incident", after clashes between Brotherhood supporters and opponents. He was sentenced to 255 years in prison. However, the Cassation Court cancelled the sentence in January 2015 and he is being tried again.

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