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Arab MKs: Bill banning Muslim call to prayer ‘declaration of war’

People protest in Gaza against the new Israeli law to ban the Islamic call to prayer in Jerusalem [apaimages]
People protest in Gaza against the new Israeli law to ban the Islamic call to prayer in Jerusalem [apaimages]

Arab members of the Israeli Knesset said yesterday that the approval of the bill banning the Muslim call to prayer is a “declaration of war on our identity, existence and country,” reported.

In a press release, the Joint List party said: “Arabs will not respect a racist and fascist law,” noting that this law is a “flagrant violation on the Palestinian existence and a rude attempt to distort the identity of the country and change the cultural, religious and holy signs of the Palestinians.”

The press release explained: “The racist and fascist bill is a flagrant violation of the freedom of faith and religions. Athan [Muslim call to prayer] is a cultural, traditional and historical legacy of the Arabic Palestinian people. In addition, it is a religious Islamic ritual.”

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Meanwhile, the press release stressed that the sound of the athan would remain in order to “silence the voices of racism and fascism inside the government of [the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

Arab MKs considered this bill part of the Israeli effort to trigger a religious conflict and “cause hatred and announce war against every Arabic aspect in order to achieve political gains.”

The MKs called for the Arab population in Israel to reject the bill and protest against it, as well as to raise the athan very loudly everywhere in response to the Israeli policies which target the “Palestinian identity and history”.

Athan is part of this land and it existed before the creation of Israel and will remain after it,” the press release noted.

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  • Adem Seid

    we know jews are evils of our world

  • Fasdunkle

    there is no bill banning it

  • Thunderbolt #1

    The arabs are a bunch of spoiled, whinny children more or less. If Israel says “hello”, they think its an act of war. All the arabs do is complain and cry about everything. They still don’t get that all of that land belongs to Israel, God gave it to them, and that’s it.
    If the arabs would stop worshipping a false godless religion like islam and start befriending Israel and working with them, the the living God would bless them and help them.
    But no, they listen to the devil and continue down this path to try and destroy Israel (which will never work), and push their wicked cult religion on the rest of the world.