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36% of non-religious Jews want to leave Israel

Image of Israeli Jews at the visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem [Apaimages]
Image of Israeli Jews visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem [Apaimages]

More than one third of Israelis who describe themselves as secular Jews would leave the country if they get the opportunity, a new poll has revealed.

Israel’s Channel 10 revealed results of the poll released by Masa Israeli which showed that 36 per cent of secular Jews would be willing to leave Israel while only seven per cent of religious Jews would emigrate if they had the chance.

Young unmarried men and women between the ages of 23-27 are most willing to leave Israel for pastures new.

“The fact that so many people say they would leave the country if they could indicates that many Israeli citizens do not feel a sense of belonging to the state,” CEO of Masa Israeli Uri Cohen remarked.

This is an alarming statistic which obligates us all to deal with this difficult issue.

The poll was conducted over the phone by Midgam Consulting and Research, among 509 Israeli Jews.

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  • Helen4Yemen

    These are Europeans leeching off Arab land

    • peepsqueek

      Whose land are you leeching off, Helen???

    • Canaan originally belonged to neither Jews nor Arabs, but rather the Canaanites.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Therefore, tell me the reason why the Ashkenazi – totally European – is doing on Arab land? Is it because the land belonged to “Canaanites”?

        Jew and Arab and not mutually exclusive!

        Jew = African, Arab, Asian, European
        Arab = Muslim, Christian, Jew …

        • Well, to be honest, some modern scholars say that the Israelite tribes themselves were originally a Canaanite offshoot.

          • Helen4Yemen


            Dershowitz DNA
            98. 5% Ashkenazi
            0.4% Southern European
            0.1% Balkan
            0.9% Broadly European
            0.1% East Asian
            99.9% European
            0.0% Middle Eastern

        • peepsqueek

          How did the entire Middle East and North Africa become “Arab” land????

          • Helen4Yemen

            Are you saying that because the people of ME and N-A adopted Islam and its customs that the Hungarian, Lithuanian German, Russian Jews were imitating the Arab conquest. But Ashkenazi said he was “coming back”? Can anyone come back at 0% ancestral ties to any region? The Ashenazi’s ancestry has been conclusively traced to Europe and nowhere else.

          • peepsqueek

            Nice dodge to a simple question! You can answer mine, and then I will answer yours again.

  • peepsqueek

    If we could get the ultrat-orthodox Jews and Islamists to leave the Middle East, everyone else could live in the 21st Century.

    • Helen4Yemen

      Did the Kenyans choose to live with the British?
      Did the Algerians choose to live with French?
      Why should the Palestinians choose to live with this current European colonists, the Ashkenazi?
      The Ashkenazi do have homelands to go back to, but billions of US $ makes their lives super sweet!

      • peepsqueek

        Did you miss the part about coming into the 21st Century? Why do you bring up the British which is a very tiny part of East African history. Muslim traders sought gold, ivory, slaves, tortoise shell and rhinoceros horn. Today Kenya has universities and and has laws to protect the environment and the animals. Unfortunately slave trading still exists in some parts of East Africa but is being exposed more and more. Under Gaddafi, Libya was the drop off point for of Sub Saharan Africans for forced labor and sexual exploitation in the Middle East.

        Where is your homeland, Helen?

        • Helen4Yemen

          Why is my homeland your goddamned business?
          You are attempting to confuse.

          Jabotinksy (1923):

          “Let us consider for a moment the point of view of those to whom this seems immoral. We shall trace the root of the evil to this – that we are seeking to colonise a country against the wishes of its population, in other words, by force. Everything else that is undesirable grows out of this root with axiomatic inevitability. What then is to be done?”

          • peepsqueek

            “Why is my homeland your goddamned business?” Answer: I would not want you to be a hypocrite!

  • Fasdunkle

    They can leave Israel, they just choose not to.

    Lots of young people around the world think of moving elsewhere.

  • I wonder how many Americans want to leave the U.S. right now, to be honest…

    • peepsqueek

      I heard one comedian say that by the time President Trump is finished building this giant wall across Mexico, we will be the ones climbing over it.