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Israeli authorities renew order to confiscate Palestinian lands in Qalqiliya

Israeli settlers
File photo of Israeli settlers

Israeli authorities have renewed a military order for the confiscation of Palestinian lands in the villages of Jayyus and Falamya in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqiliya, according to Maan News.

Jayyus Mayor Ghassan Harami told Wafa that local Palestinian farmers received the order Monday morning, noting that a similar order was issued four years ago for the same land, which he estimated to represent 169 dunams (41.76 acres).

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Harami denounced the move, saying that under the guise of “false” security pretense, Israel has continued to seize Palestinian-owned lands located beyond the illegal separation wall.

He added that the village’s local council, along with municipality officials and local farmers from both towns, would continue to challenge the order until the seized land was returned to its Palestinian owners.

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  • Walking Man

    Do these people actually survey the land? That is, do they have surveyors who actually go out with a transit, mark boundaries, have a legal description? Do they know who owns what and where it is (or isn’t)? The articles I read never mention a specific owner. They just say “Palestinian Land” or “Israelis confiscate land.” How does anyone know who owns what?

    • Helen4Yemen

      Tell me how a Lithuanian, Russian, German, American, Hungarian, Austrian Jews own even one square inch of Palestine? What connects the Ashkenazi to Palestine? He is totally foreign to the region and now leeching off the land of the Arabs because he uses brute force to achieve rape of of Arab lands. Do come back and tell how these foreign predators deserve to be on that land?

      • Walking Man

        From my studies of the Middle East, apparently the original Zionists, acting because of wide-spread Anti-Semitism throughout Europe (and somewhat in the United States), began a movement to find a place where Jews could live. Herzl, being the so-called “father” of the movement convinced Rothschild to join. With Rothschild in the mix, I probably can stop to ask: What else needs to be said? What more needs to be said about the oligarchy that exists in the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. These people basically do what they want with at least one major exception: they USUALLY, if caught, can’t include “kids” in their sexual activities without some jail time, minimal jail time.

        Apparently, an award of Palestine land came from a purchase from the Ottoman Sultan in 1901.

        So, Zionism became powerful. Obviously, this powerful movement began before today’s DNA science. David ben Gurion, Israel’s first PM, is quoted by saying, “A Jew is anyone he says he is.” So, these folks go to the Bible – strange that an atheist would use the Bible, but nonetheless … they find scripture that describes the area known as Israel, the Biblical and Spiritual place of the Jew. The landmarks, the archeology (so far), has produced the necessary (to them) right to be there. Factor in the money, and here we are. I read someplace (don’t recall where exactly – someplace in my relatively large library) that the US alone has sent $14,000,000,000,000.00 to Israel, 1947-2016. Germany has also since sent money, and will always “owe” the Jew. Europe to a lesser extent, but still owes.

        Israelis say that they own everything. This the reason that they “take” land that they already own. Don’t forget Rothschild’s influence.

        • Helen4Yemen

          “Apparently, an award of Palestine land came from a purchase from the Ottoman Sultan in 1901.”
          Jewish land ownership in Palestine
          1882 — 22,500 —- 0.1% (Ashkenazi colonial settlers arrived )
          1900 — 218,000 — 0.8%
          1914 — 418,000 — 1.6%
          1927 — 865,000 — 3.2%
          1936 — 1,231,000 — 4.7%
          1945 — 1,588,365 — 6.%
          1947 — 1,734,000 — 6.6%

          By the time the stampede had begun by white Europeans to Palestine in 1882, Jewish land ownership was less than 0.1% of Palestine. By 1947, all that the white Europeans managed to buy was 6.6% of Palestine and the rest he stole. Whose land is the white European giving up for peace? The Palestinians’ land? Funny!

          • Walking Man

            Yes. very recently I took a class offered by Hebrew University in Jerusalem, titled Modern Israel. Mainly a sociology class team by some very knowledgeable professors. My interest is strictly academic, and now that I’ve retired from working in the field of microbiology and biochemistry, I can now refocus on sociology (not that I don’t need the income) and law.

            FYI, I ran across a very good book titled The Seventh Million: The Israelis and The Holocaust by Tom Segev.

            I read today that Israel has imposed a visa restriction on those who have been “anti-Israel” in the social media, etc. This also may also include tourists.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Bertrand Russell (British philosopher, mathematician, historian, social reformer, and pacifist, 1970)

    No people anywhere in the world would accept being expelled en masse from their own country; how can anyone require the people of Palestine to accept a punishment which nobody else would tolerate?

    The tragedy of the people of Palestine is that their country was given by a foreign Power to another people for the creation of a new State. The result was that many hundreds of thousands of innocent people were made permanently homeless. With every new conflict their number have increased. How much longer is the world willing to endure this spectacle of wanton cruelty.

    We are frequently told that we must sympathize with Israel because of the suffering of the Jews in Europe at the hands of the Nazis. I see in this suggestion no reason to perpetuate any suffering. What Israel is doing today cannot be condoned, and to invoke the horrors of the past to justify those of the present is gross hypocrisy. Not only does Israel condemn a vast number. of refugees to misery; not only are many Arabs under occupation condemned to military rule; but also Israel condemns the Arab nations only recently emerging from colonial status, to continued impoverishment as military demands take precedence over national development.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Alan Dershowitz scored 99.9% purebred European ancestry and Bill O’reilly scored 99.8% European. One of these Europeans claims to have Middle Eastern ancestry but DNA confirmed his Middle Eastern ancestry to be 0%, zilch, nothing, not even a tiny trace! Do these folks suffer from delusion or are they just engaged in deception or both?

    Alan Dershowitz DNA
    98. 5% Ashkenazi
    0.4% Southern European
    0.1% Balkan
    0.9% Broadly European
    0.1% East Asian
    99.9% European
    0.0% Middle Eastern
    (Source: PBS)

    Bill Oreilly DNA
    British Irish 87.80%
    Scandinavian 1.70%
    Iberian 0.90%
    Finish 0.20%
    Broadly European 9.20%
    Unmatched 0.20%
    European 99.80%
    Middle East 0.00%
    (Source: PBS)