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8,000 Jewish settlers raid historical sites in the West Bank

Image of Israeli settlers in West Bank on 31 August 2010 [Mamoun Wazwaz/Apaimages]
Image of Israeli settlers in West Bank on 31 August 2010 [Mamoun Wazwaz/Apaimages]

Around 8,000 Israeli Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli forces, raided the village of Kifil Haris in the central West Bank city of Salfit and performed Talmudic rituals in an attempt to provoke the local Muslim population, Quds Press reported on Friday.

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Israeli television Channel 7 said that among these settlers there were 250 who have recently migrated from France and were planning to settle in the West Bank. Immigration and settlements on Palestinian land is recognised as illegal under international law.

Local sources told Quds Press that Israeli forces raided the village at dawn, closed roads and prepared for the arrival of a large number of Jewish settlers.

The sources also said that the illegal Jewish immigrants settled in three historical locations, set up tents and portable toilets and carried out their religious rituals.


Quds Press reported that Jewish settlers habitually raid Islamic holy sites, including mosques and the tombs of Muslim scholars or prophets, and perform rituals as if they were Jewish religious sites in order to justify Israeli control over swathes in the occupied West Bank.

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Recently, Kifil Haris was subject to several similar raids as extremist Jewish settlers who claimed it contained Jewish holy sites, despite there being no such thing. According to Quds Press, specialists reiterated that the repeated raids of extremist Jewish settlers to this village under historical and religious claims are further plans to establish illegal settlements.

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  • Fasdunkle

    “Jewish settlers habitually raid Islamic holy sites, including mosques and the tombs of Muslim scholars or prophets”

    Islam only has one “prophet” of its own – the rest are all appropriated from Judaism and Christianity – and that single muslim “prophet” never went to the Levant. Yet muslims claim the Jewish sites are theirs and theirs alone where they can perform their koranic rituals.

    • Theo Anonis

      Can you please be more specific. Name Islams only prophet and name those that they have appropriated from Judeaism and Christianity. I will fact check your post.

      • neluroman

        Teo, let me try an answer. Mohammad, the self-appointed prophet of Islam, trying to get adepts from among Jews and Christians, decreed that all the prophets mentioned in Bible were true prophets. And he even went beyond this by considering that Abraham, Issac and Jacob were prophets too, when in Bible they are only patriarchs (forefathers). Of course, he didn’t forget to mention that he, himself, is the “sealed prophet”, the greatest one.

        • Theo Anonis

          Though I asked Fasdunkle to respond, it seems he has a “wing-man” in you…..neluroman. OK then, “self-appointed” you say. I’m sure you can provide a citation which proves this allegation? Though I’m not a biblical scholar, I’ve not been able to find verifiable proof that Mohammed considered himself a prophet. Maybe you can enlighten me.

          • neluroman

            Sorry for my late answer, I didn’t have time to read too much these days. First off, if you look up in Bible for proves of Mohammad prophetical mission, you will end up being disappointed because you will not find any. The Quran, Hadith(traditions) and Shira( biography) ought to be the places where to look for such proves. Muhammad was a normal man until he started telling people around him that God was routinely speaking to him and only him – and that the “revelations” he claimed to be receiving were mostly about him and his relative importance to all other people? In a nutshell, he self-proclaimed a prophet; insisted that God had declared him to be the excellent pattern of conduct for mankind (Quran 33:21) and that others were, therefore, to accord him with special privilege, unwavering obedience (Quran 4:80) , wealth and earthly desires, including all of the slaves and women that his lust could handle. In practical terms, that meant that 20% out of all the bounty, material or human, his thug men were acquiring by attacking the unbelievers, was his.

  • Helen4Yemen

    WHY IS THIS WHITE MAN ON ARAB LAND? At 0% ancestry ties to Palestine but at 99.9% ancestry to Europe, what is the Ashkenazi doing on Arab land? Does DNA lie? I thought Hitler had been dead for decades? Why not go home to where your 99.9% of your DNA is from: EUROPE?

    Tony Kushner DNA
    97.5% Ashkenazi
    0.1% Finnish
    0.1% Scandinavian
    2.2% Broadly European
    0.1% East Asian
    99.9% European
    0.0% Middle Eastern

    Rabbi Hammerman DNA
    97.2% Ashkenazi
    0.8% East European
    0.2% Southern European
    1.7% Broadly European
    0.1% Native American
    99.9% European
    0.0% Middle Eastern

    Joseph Cohen DNA
    96.2% Ashkenazi
    0.4% Eastern European
    0.1% N. European
    0.1% Southern European
    3.0% Broadly European
    0.1% East Asian
    0.1% Unassigned
    0.0% Middle East
    99.8% European
    0.0% Middle Eastern

    Alan Dershowitz DNA
    98. 5% Ashkenazi
    0.4% Southern European
    0.1% Balkan
    0.9% Broadly European
    0.1% East Asian
    99.9% European
    0.0% Middle Eastern

  • Flick Yoli

    “Jews” = Edomites

  • Not pro Israel

    White Polish, French, Russian etc zionist terrorwitzez.