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Turkish journalist rips up photo of Israel’s Netanyahu on air

The journalist also decided to burn a photo of the Israeli flag in the studio.

Turkish journalist Nour El Din Sherin ripped up a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu live on air in retaliation for the latter throwing Hamas’ new charter into the bin.

After Hamas released their charter on 1 May, Netanyahu recorded a message where he accused the movement and media outlets of a “distortion of the truth” and then he is seen holding up a copy of the charter. He is then seen scrunching it up and tossing it in the bin.

In response, Sherin took out photos of Netanyahu, Trump and the White House, and began ripping them up one by one, throwing them into a bin while calling on the Israeli prime minister to watch him closely.

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When Sherin began to tear up a photo of the Israeli flag, the programme host suggested that the flag should be burned. At first, Sherin hesitated, as he was concerned about smoke spreading through the studio. However, he decided to burn the flag a few seconds later.

At the end of the show, Sherin said:

God willing, the Islamic nation and its brave sons and the resistance front and its soldiers will conquer the imperialist United States and the Zionist system. But this victory will not be achieved on a TV screen but in the battlefield of resistance and jihad. Their doomed fate is predicted in the Holy Quran.

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  • Michael Abramov

    This man should be locked-up. He is a war monger

    • Ismail Oliver

      Just like your beloved zio bibi netanyaha

      • Mike Abramov

        Oh. It’s you again. I am sorry, but I do not wish to correspond with you. You have nothing constructive to offer.

    • Kelly Kelly

      You can tear as many photoes. Can you stop a bullet to you head. ????