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Israeli settler kills Palestinian man

Israeli settler who shot 23-year-old Palestinian dead speaks out.

An Israeli settler shot and killed a Palestinian youth and injured a journalist yesterday, south of Nablus.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement that Moutaz Hussein Hilal Bani Shamsa, 23 from Beita, was killed and AP photojournalist, Majdi Shtayyeh, was wounded after an Israeli settler fired several gunshots at a peaceful march to support Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

Eyewitnesses and local sources said Bani Shamsa was transferred to Rafidya Governmental Hospital in Nablus where he later succumbed to his wounds.

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The sources confirmed that the town of Huwara “did not witness any confrontations before the shooting at the peaceful march, near the school Huwara.”

The Israeli army forces closed the Hawara and Za’tara military checkpoints south of Nablus and prevented citizens from moving through them.


Later, another Israeli settler was found celebrating the death of the Bani Shamsa by handing out chocolates to passing Israeli cars near the site of the shooting. He was also seen taunting Palestinians.

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  • Rachamim Slonim Dwek

    Of course the article is all lies. For example, B’tselem & RHR both pro Arab groups, posted multiple angle CCTV clips showing that the ambulance in fact boxed the motorist in after cutting a u-turn upon seeing the motorist was a Jew. After the car is boxed in Bani Shamsah ran over and after multiple tried kicked in the rear hatchback window. Then he ran to the front passenger window and began doing the same, which is when he was shot. The claims of a “peaceful gathering” is pathetic when multiple Arab media outlets noted that residents of Huwwara oppose the daily protests, busses chartered by Fatah, bussing non residents i simply because the town straddles Route #60, a motorway used by all including Jews. Residents complain that the “demonstrators” are violent thugs. If this is how Arabs themselves describe them is it any wonder that it eventually led to this? Attacking a motorist and then getting shot? Serves Bani Shamsah well.