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The conference of shame and disgrace

US President Donald Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel on 22 May 2017 [Daniel Bar On/Anadolu Agency]
US President Donald Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel on 22 May 2017 [Daniel Bar On/Anadolu Agency]

The enemy of Islam and hater of Muslims visited the land of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), the prophet of Islam, and the land of the two holy mosques, to publically wage his war on Islam and Muslims in the company of the presidents, kings and emirs of Muslim countries who he drove, like cattle, from their countries.

The man, who vowed, before his voters before the elections, to milk the cow until it goes dry and then kill it, referring to Saudi Arabia, visited the country. This American President, Donald Trump, who pledged, before the American people, to erase Islam off the face of the Earth and ban Muslims from several countries, including Saudi Arabia, from entering the US, went to Saudi Arabia while Saudi Arabia is under sanctions in accordance with the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) approved by Congress especially for the country. Upon his arrival, he was welcomed with unprecedented and exaggerated hospitality, despite all of the above!

The whole situation was ironic, or more like a black comedy, as President Donald Trump headed the GCC and Islamic Summit meetings, as if he had been appointed as a Caliph for the Muslims and has become a “Commander of the Faithful”. He issued orders to those sitting before him to combat terrorism and expel it from their countries. He said that America would not fight on their behalf, and then gave them the green light to fight their own people. He declared Hamas a terrorist organisation and none of the attendees dared to object, as the Commander of the Faithful cannot be opposed.

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Trump also announced the opening of the Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology (GCCEI) in Saudi Arabia. The centre will be headed by Saudi Arabia and the US. Of course, we all know what qualifies as extremist ideology in the opinion of the US, and Trump in particular, namely, Islamic ideology. Therefore, he openly declared war on Islam in the land of Islam! The generous country of Saudi Arabia paid him $460 billion to protect its throne, which is endangered by Iran, the scarecrow created by the US for Saudi Arabia in order to exploit it and loot its wealth. It had done the same in the past, during Saddam’s rule, until it managed to invade Iraq and hand it over to Iran, its historical enemy.


However, Saudi Arabia does not learn from the recent or past lessons of history, and it has shown itself to be the most foolish leader of the world throughout history. Trump did not adopt the late King Abdullah’s initiative for the Palestinian cause, as expected, nor did he refer to the two-state solution or any solution for the Palestinian conflict or the “deal of the century”, as he called it. He only mentioned that he would be visiting Jerusalem and meeting with Netanyahu, which indicates that, the Palestinian cause is not even on his agenda.

This conference was indeed the conference of shame and disgrace. It is on this day that the death of the Arabs was declared, as they are no longer present or exist on the map. They have officially gone under the American tent and we have no condolences for them, as they accepted humiliation and disgrace by those who declared war on their religion and have helped them achieve this in order to preserve their thrones. Damnation to these thrones that lost the status and dignity of the Arabs, and damnation to them, who lost their religion and money and gave it to those who are fighting their religions, while the Muslim nations starve.

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At a time when Saudi Arabia and the Arab and Muslim rulers celebrate the arrival of a Muslim Caliph to their country and offer him obedience and loyalty, the White House is taking measures to impeach Donald Trump after the scandal of his relations with the Russians and his disclosure of secrets to them. This is a strange irony showing the difference between us and them, i.e.the difference between seriousness, values and principles and lies, deception, and misguidance.

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