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US raid kills 7 Al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen

American Navy SEALs conducted a raid in Yemen yesterday morning killing seven Al-Qaeda linked fighters.

The raid targeted a compound in the Marib Governorate that was linked to Al-Qaeda core's affiliate, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The raid included a mixture of small arms fire and targeted airstrikes on the compound.

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Christopher Sherwood, Pentagon spokesman, told MEMO last week:

We strive to be transparent about military operations. It's no secret that the US is continuing our ongoing efforts to degrade and defeat AQAP.

"The US military will continue to take military action in Yemen to degrade the ability of AQAP to plan, coordinate and conduct external terror attacks against the US and its citizens."

This is the second ground raid in Yemen following President Donald Trump's 29 January raid that killed 30 civilians, including 10 children under the age of 13 and six women.

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