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UAE document reveals plan to control Tunisia

A document from the Emirates Policy Centre has revealed how the UAE is planning to control Tunisia and undermine the coalition government, thenewkhalij.news reported on Thursday.

The plan includes a crackdown on the Islamist Ennahda Movement in the North African country.

Prepared by the Maghreb Study Unit of the centre based in Abu-Dhabi, the document shows the details of the UAE's interference in the internal affairs of Tunisia. Former Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim, who is well-known for his anti-Islamist position and is one of the most prominent supporters of the military coup in Egypt, is the head of the research centre.

The plan proposes giving support to certain politicians who are against the coalition agreements in Tunisia as well as against Ennahda. It also suggests supporting a certain politician for the presidency on the basis that there is no identifiably strong candidate for Tunisia's top political position.

Support for print and electronic media platforms is also advocated.The Emirates Policy Centre has several departments alongside the Maghreb Study Unit, including those which specialise on Turkey, Egypt and the other Gulf States.

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