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Spanish town Joins BDS

Image of a Palestinian rally in Galicia, Spain on 18 January 2013 [Pilar Ponte/Flickr]
Palestinian rally in Galicia, Spain on 18 January 2013 [Pilar Ponte/Flickr]

The Spanish municipality of Villena, in the province of Valencia, yesterday adopted a resolution to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

The mayor of the municipality, Francisco Khapir Iskampari Minor, confirmed that support of the BDS campaign comes in line with the provisions set out by international law, UN resolutions, the Security Council, the European Union and international organisations.

According to what was mentioned in the text of the decision, "the municipality shall not hold or establish any political, institutional, commercial, agricultural, educational, sport or security contact with any Israeli organisation or institution until the Israeli State respects human rights, recognises the Palestinian people's right of self-determination and abides by international law."

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The municipality stressed that "Israel is required to put an end to the occupation and remove the discriminatory wall in accordance with the resolution 242 of the United Nations Security Council and the announcement of the International Court of Justice issued on 9 July 2004."


It also stressed the need to end the policy of "apartheid" and respect the Palestinian refugees' right of return, which is stipulated in the resolution 194 of the United Nations General Assembly.

The municipality invited the local government of the province and all active Spanish institutions to join the international boycott campaign.

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