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Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt police committed extrajudicial killing of 10 youths

Muslim Brotherhood protest outside Ikhwaan office [file photo]
Muslim Brotherhood protest outside Ikhwaan office [file photo]

The Muslim Brotherhood yesterday accused the Egyptian police of the extrajudicial killing of ten youths in Cairo.

Group spokesman Talaat Fahmi said in a statement:

The continued liquidation of young people is a continuation of the rule of the jungle, and the failed state policy that leads Egypt to the abyss.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced in a statement that its security forces had killed ten gunmen who planned to carry out acts of violence and terror in the country during a raid on two apartments in Giza Governorate, west of Cairo, in an exchange of fire.

The Egyptian authorities have been accusing members of the Muslim Brotherhood of “inciting violence and terrorism” since the army overthrew group member, Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president on 3 July 2013.