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180,000 Palestinians in Nablus suffering acute water shortage since June

Palestinian children fill their bottles with water from a public tap in Gaza on 1 July, 2014 [Eyad Al Baba/Apaimages]
Palestinian children fill their bottles with water from a public tap in Gaza on 1 July, 2014 [Eyad Al Baba/Apaimages]

Residents of Nablus in the occupied West Bank are suffering from increasing water shortages, according to a new report by B’Tselem.

The rights group reported: “Israel prevents the Palestinians from digging new wells and refuses to sell them more water to ease the suffering.” Consequently, “in summer residents must purchase water privately, at high costs, and use it for essential needs only.”

Israel abuses its control of all water sources between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean by subjecting Palestinians to a permanent shortage of water.

In 2014, Palestinian water consumption in the West Bank was about 80 litres per person a day, lower the than the 100-litre minimum recommended by the World Health Organisation. That same year, “average water consumption for household, commercial and industrial needs in Israel was some 287 litres per person a day – almost four times the average Palestinian consumption.”

B’Tselem notes that “Israel impedes the development of new Palestinian water infrastructure, destroys and confiscates existing infrastructure, and limits Palestinian access to local water sources such as fresh water springs, drilled wells and rainwater cisterns”.

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“Together,” the NGO concludes, “these factors have created a permanent water shortage for Palestinians in the West Bank.”

This “state of affairs clearly illustrates how Israel views water – and all other resources in the West Bank – as its sole property, to be used for Israeli needs only, at the expense of Palestinians.”

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  • Mike Abramov

    Has this something to do with the West Bank not paying it’s water bills?

    • ricck lineheart

      Pay them with what ? Israel steals the land and kills children …Maybe you should read the article and get beyond the headline …

      • Mike Abramov

        Hello Ricck. You are blissfully unaware that billions of dollars in cash aid as well as tons of material aid is pouring in to Gaza and the West Bank everyday. Where has it all gone? If you dig a bit deeper yourself in to the ‘headline’ you will discover that there is plenty of money in both the West Bank and Gaza but, it is in the back pockets of their respective governments.

        Children have been killed and murdered on both sides. Fact. In order to have an understanding of Israel/Palestine, the firs step is to keep an open mind.