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Israel Rabbi: Al-Sisi fell into Hamas’ trap

Israeli Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi [Masralarabia]

Israeli Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi warned this weekend of the rapprochement between Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and Hamas which led to the opening of the Rafah Crossing, reported yesterday.

His warning was delivered during his weekly sermon: “Al-Sisi thinks that moving towards Hamas will help him as he is to open the Rafah Crossing,” he said. “There, he is to receive unexpected evil. He is placing a trap for himself.”

Ben Artzi predicted that the infighting and bloodshed in Syria and Iraq will continue until these countries disappear. Turkey will follow them, he said, predicting another coup.

He also forecast that anti-Semitism is going to increase in Europe and a natural disaster would hit the continent and Muslims as well as Jews would flee like children.

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Regarding Hassan Nasrallah, the Rabbi said: “He lives in an illusion. He does not recognise that God is ending Syria and he sent him there to end his life.”

Ben Artzi is of Tunisian origin and used to be a tractor driver until he established a network of 20 religious organisations in the south of Israel.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that in his sermons he calls for Jews across the world to return to Israel as God will hit the earth with hurricanes and quakes but spare Israel.

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