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Trump: Sudan must show commitment before sanctions are lifted

Protesters demonstrate against the US sanctions on Sudan on 19 September 2017 [#jomo~I.M.J/Twitter]

US President Donald Trump has reassured Congress that he will not lift economic sanctions imposed on Sudan without making sure that Khartoum is committed to implementing the agreed terms.

Trump pledged to press Khartoum to improve its record on human rights and religious freedoms and to bring the perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The Sudanese government knows that my administration will hold them responsible for any breach of obligations which came through strong bilateral ties and effective monitoring,” Trump said in a letter dated 25 September to Congressman Jim McGovern.

The White House is expected to issue a resolution within two weeks on the US sanctions imposed on Sudan for nearly two decades ago.

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In January, Washington requested Khartoum end the conflicts in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile, stop supporting southern rebels and cooperate with US intelligence to counter terrorism and help eliminate the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in return for lifting the sanctions.

“In response to your concern about the need for evidence for an informed decision on sanctions on Sudan, the assessment would be based on information from large sources inside and outside the United States of America, including military and diplomatic reports and non-governmental sources for a comprehensive review of the Sudanese government’s actions within the framework of its commitment,” Trump said in his letter.

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  • EriSat Nay Hizbi

    When I was 10yrs old I lived in Sudan. I was an Eritrean Refugee. I am an American Citizen in my 40th now. I have to say something here. Sudanese people are one of the most humble and generous people I have ever seen. I have to say Americans are generous too but Sudanese probable more. So please leave the Sudanese people to chart their own course. I am an Othodox Christian and they allowed us to practice our religion. They are not like the rest of middle east Muslims, they are very decent people. I wish I can do more for them than speak here but this is all I can so as someone that understands what America is about, I ask the good people of America to help this good Sudanese people. They might have made a mistake here and there, but overall they helped many people especially Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees for over 30 years. I hope they go back to their old days and reject the dictator in Eritrea and align themselves with the good forces of the world including America. America is a land for all humans to live in peace and harmony and may God bless America for all the freedom it allows all people. I wish the Sudanese people more peace and harmony.

    • thanks very much Eris at for your feeling and your warm words regarding Sudan, a country that you lived in 30 years ago and you still remember the good people. As a Sudanese I really appreciate your statement and your call for lifting Sanctions from the country to give a chance to people to exercise a normal life without suffering.
      Mamoun Zain – Sudanese American

      • Hisham Dawood

        Beside what you say above which is all pure truth, Sudanese people inspite of thier suffering from the embargo hosting refugees from different countries, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Suria, Yaman, South Sudan, and many African countries, whithin their homes not in refugees camp like what other countries do , for that only they deserve the immediate lift of the embargo by respectable President Donald Trump and the hospital American people.

        Engineer Hisham Dawood

        Sudan Civil Aviation Authority

    • peepsqueek

      There may be some truth to what you say, but when I was in East Africa almost 20 years ago, I met with escaped slaves from the Sudan living in a Christian home for refugees in Kenya. Their stories were horrific.

  • Why doesn’t the rest of the Arab League or Saudi Arabia say anything about the ban? Or the African Union?

  • peepsqueek

    God is just a concept, not a physical entity. 2.7 million tribal Africans have been displaced in the Sudan by the Muslim central government. Where is the outrage? Please do not bring the concept of God into this. Western humanitarian aid is still the main source of for many, not the concept of an all loving and all merciful God.