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Turkey builds anti-drone system for civilian use

Image of a drone [File photo]
Drone [File photo]

A Turkish company has built an electromagnetic anti-drone system which can be used by civilians, the firm’s General Coordinator Aytekin Guclu said today.

Harp R&D said the system was needed to protect people’s privacy. “Someone could fly a drone on a land you own but there is no adequate preventive mechanism in this regard,” Guclu explained.

“We are particularly focusing on anti-drone systems which can be used by public figures and civilians without restriction.”

The system will start serving at guardhouses in border areas, Guclu said.

“We have received the order; our price proposal has been approved and when the procedures are completed we will send the anti-drone system,” he said.

The technology could be used for assault, harassment or intelligence and is equipped with night vision equipment, Guclu explained.

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