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US War on Terror costs $3.6bn a month

Image of US and Iraqi soldiers in Al Anbar, Iraq on 20 May 2005 [Michael A. Blaha/Wikipedia ]
US and Iraqi soldiers in Al Anbar, Iraq on 20 May 2005 [Michael A. Blaha/Wikipedia ]

Since the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, American taxpayers have spent $1,463.3 billion on the “War on Terror”, a 74-page US Department of Defence report confirms.

The war in Afghanistan, “Operation Enduring Freedom”, cost $584.7 billion, 40 per cent of the overall expenditure, according to the report. The US-led Iraq war, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or “New Dawn”, cost $731 billion, 50 per cent of the costs. In addition to new operations in the Middle East, such as Syria, the average monthly spending is $3.6 billion during 2017.

The US-led “War on Terror” continues to target the accused perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, namely Al-Qaeda, Taliban and associated forces in Afghanistan. The war moved over to countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond.

The report only accounts for spending on direct conflict related expenses, such as bases, equipment and support for deployed army personnel. It does not cover the costs incurred by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) related to the “War on Terror”. The CIA’s role includes counter terrorism drone strikes and raids.

Assembling and preparing the report cost the Department of Defence approximately $180,000.

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