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Analysts: Saudi Arabia calling on ‘ally’ Israel to fight a war in Lebanon

November 10, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation during a trip to Saudi Arabia is an invitation from Riyadh for Israel to wage war on Lebanon on its behalf in order to eliminate Hezbollah, Iran’s ally in the region, Israeli analysis with sources close to the decision-makers have said.

Hariri’s resignation has been seen as a Saudi declaration of war against Lebanon’s Hezbollah, a shared enemy between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Israel is seen as a Saudi ally that possesses enough strength to change any reality not to its liking in the region.

On his part, Israel’s Channel 2 political analyst Eran Zinger said that during the second Lebanese war in the summer of 2006, sources in the Israeli occupation government referred to letters received from several Arab countries asking Israel to intensify its attacks on Lebanon in order to break and eliminate Hezbollah.

Leak: Israel supported Hariri’s resignation

He said that at that time, the government was strictly controlling the dissemination of information about those countries, but today, everyone knows that Saudi Arabia was one of the countries that pressed the decision-makers in Tel Aviv to deal a harsh blow to Hezbollah.

Zinger noted that in his opinion, Israel will not initiate a war on the northern front without reason, because engaging in such a war would not be easy and would by costly. Therefore, it refuses to act as a proxy for Saudi Arabia’s desires in Lebanon.

He also added that the US refuses to increase military aid to Israel in order to protect it from Hezbollah’s long-range missiles, noting that the Israeli security agencies are aware that any potential confrontation with Hezbollah would be difficult.