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Libya town’s punishment for harassment? Shave the man’s head

Officials shave the heads of men who harass schoolgirls and teachers in Libya

Security officials in eastern Libya have taken new measures to clamp down on men harassing women following a number of complaints.

Police in Marj, some 80 kilometres northeast of the city of Benghazi, arrested around six young men for harassing schoolgirls and teachers. The group was then punished by having their heads shaved in patches.

The crackdown is an effort to deter men from harassing women. Last week, Ajdabiya’s Criminal Investigation Department arrested 20 men on charges of verbally harassing schoolgirls and female university students and teachers.

They also had parts of their heads shaved off before their parents were then summoned to collect them.

Ajdabiya CID investigations chief Fathi Al-Sumati also warned that any future occurrences of harassment at the town’s schools and university will be referred to the local public prosecutor and legal action will be taken against perpetrators.

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