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Dutch city names streets after Palestinian cities

Holland streets named after Palestinian towns [Mugtama]

Activists have posted pictures on social media of streets in the Dutch city of Eindhoven which have been named after Palestinian cities and towns.

An activist tweeted: “The Dutch city of Eindhoven named streets in the city after Arab Palestinian cities in solidarity with Palestine.”

Pictures from Google Maps showed the streets named after Palestinian cities and towns, such as Ramallah, Hebron and Nazareth.

“The Zionists wanted to erase the name of Palestine and its cities from the map, but they are being spread across the world,” said one activist.

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  • Joseph Morika

    This is fake news

    A- There is no “Palestinastraat” in Eindhoven (though there is a PalestRinastraat there)
    B- An other street in the neighborhood of the Hebronstraat showed by you too on the pics), is the Sichemstraat. That hints to biblical names, not “Palestinian” names. “Sichem” is NOT a Palestinian name.

    • Helios

      It’s not FAKE news, it’s lousy journalism. Instead of Eindhoven, they should have said Rotterdam. Google maps Palestinastraat in Rotterdam.