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Hariri: Hezbollah’s participation ensures Lebanon’s stability

January 12, 2018 at 3:01 pm

Saad Hariri speaks at a press conference in Beirut, Lebanon on 21 November 2017 [Stringer/Apaimages]

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said he is not opposed to Hezbollah’s participation in the country’s government, stressing the need to keep Lebanon outside of the Iranian-Saudi conflict.

In an interview with America’s Wall Street Journal, published yesterday, Hariri said: “Hezbollah has been a member of this government. This is an inclusive government that has all the big political parties, and that brings political stability to the country.”

“My main goal is to preserve this political stability for the unity of the country.”

Hariri also stressed: “We cannot accept interference from anyone in Lebanese politics. Our relationship with Iran – or with the Gulf – has to be the best relationship, but one that serves the national interests of Lebanon.”

“Staying out of the Middle East’s sectarian strife and maintaining stability is key to reviving Lebanon’s sluggish economy and allowing the country to achieve annual growth of between four per cent and six per cent, compared with between one per cent and two per cent today,” Hariri said.

Hariri: Lebanon cannot do anything about Hezbollah

His comments mark a U-turn on previous statements he made following his abrupt resignation.

On 4 November, Hariri announced his resignation in a televised address from Saudi Arabia, accusing Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of sowing “sedition” in the region and “meddling” in Arab affairs.

He also hinted at an alleged plot to assassinate him.