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Youssef Nada tells Anan, Brotherhood will vote you as president if you purge the police

Youssef Nada, former foreign relations commissioner of the Muslim Brotherhood [file photo]
Youssef Nada, former foreign relations commissioner of the Muslim Brotherhood [file photo]

In a personal letter that does not represent the position of the Muslim Brotherhood Youssef Nada, former foreign relations commissioner of the organisation, said that the Brotherhood might agree to vote for the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant Sami Anan, if he commits to six conditions.

Nada, one of the organisation’s historic icons who does not currently hold a formal position in the group, said that his letter, a copy of which was received by Anadolu news agency, was sent to “Colonel Sami Anan after announcing his intention to run for president of our beloved Egypt”.

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“We read your announcement stating your nomination for president for the purpose of reforming and repairing the damages caused by the current government, including violence, debt, a loss of security, and the sale of our land and wealth,” said the letter.

Nada added, “I say to you, Anan, without any hesitation, that the Muslim Brotherhood will remain with the national consensus and will agree to elect you as president after considering several issues”.

Nada listed the following six conditions for the Brotherhood to elect Anan: the army must return to serving the people, protecting them, and protecting the country, reconsider the results of the past elections and ask the elected president Mohamed Morsi (currently imprisoned) to step down for the sake of the nation, cleanse the judiciary, cancel the politicised rulings issued, release those detained as a result of them, and compensate them, purge the police, and reconsider the decisions made with regard to Egypt’s wealth and borders.

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