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Iran: Israel will not take the risk to fight us

February 12, 2018 at 5:50 am

In an interview with Echorouk El Yawmi newspaper, Iranian writer and political analyst, Hassan Hanizadeh ruled out any possibility of a direct confrontation between Tehran and Tel Aviv, after Moscow intervened to stop the clash. He stressed that his country has all the capabilities to face any aggression.

Hanizadeh said: “what has really happened was that there is a repeated and periodic aggression. An attack by the ‘Zionist entity’ (Israel) on the sovereignty of the Syrian state. As everyone knows, Iran has military agreements and treaties with the Syrian government. These agreements contributed in providing help to Syria to defeat Takfiri terrorist groups, which are now shaking in front of the Syrian army’s attacks. On the other side, the US and Israel have intervened.”

As for the Israeli claims about an Iranian drone over Palestinian territories, Hanizadeh said that, “it is only a media fabrication, which falls within the context of the Israeli attack on the Syrian territory. Syrian soldiers and their allies are always ready to respond to any Zionist aggression.”

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Hanizadeh said that a direct confrontation is unlikely,  “I think this is unlikely to happen at the moment, especially after Russia’s intervention to put an end to the clash. I also think it is difficult for the Zionist government to risk fighting Iran in light of its dangerous internal situation.”

However, he said that, “Iran has the ability to defend itself. It has also paved the way for Syria to regain its balance in the face of the Takfiri terrorist entities. In case Iran was subject to an aggression, it will respond with all of its capabilities, and it does have the ability to respond as well.

He went on, “Iran is working on strengthening the axis of resistance from Syria to Lebanon and Palestine.” He also stressed that: “the Iranian presence in Syria is just a symbolic presence, which occurred in support of the Syrian government to confront the Zionist-American aggression and Takfiri gangs.”

Hanizadeh added that: “Iran has received help from Syria in the past 40 years. It is now the time that Iran pays back the Syrian people and fully supports the brothers in Syria to confront the Takfiri terrorist groups. There is no doubt that the Iranian people trust and support the Iranian Republic’s foreign policy.”