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As Egypt’s military assault continues, locals left desperate for food

Grocers and shop owners have not been able to restock their shelves

Egypt’s ongoing military assault on northern Sinai has sparked a severe food crisis leaving residents without fresh produce.

Routes for imports to the city have been blocked since the uptick of violence began in early February.

Grocers and shop owners have not been able to restock their shelves, leaving residents in a dire humanitarian situation.

Sinai has witnessed military hostilities between the Egyptian army and armed groups since 2014. Hundreds of soldiers and police officers have been killed by extremists and in response Egyptian authorities have waged an intense crackdown allegedly fighting terrorism but which has targeted hundreds of civilians.

Whole towns near the border with Gaza have been evacuated and razed to the ground for allegedly harbouring armed groups. Earlier this month Amnesty International condemned the Egyptian military’s use of cluster bomb and unlawful attacks, highlighting concerns of human rights abuses in North Sinai.

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