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Saudi activist: Kuwait ignoring international law by deporting my cousin

Saudi opposition activist Madawi Al-Rasheed [Madawi Al-Rasheed/Twitter]

Kuwait should remember the rights of guests and international law before extraditing residents, Saudi opposition activist Madawi Al-Rasheed after Kuwait deport her cousin this weekend.

"To the Shammar tribesmen of Kuwait, do you accept that [Emir] Ibn Sabah extradites your guest and that you turn into unwelcoming people?" she asked on Twitter.

Madawi's cousin Nawaf was extradited from Kuwait during a recent visit to the Gulf state. The son of Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rasheed lives in Doha, Qatar, where the New Khaleej had previously reported authorities had taken measures to secure his safety following fear that he could be assassinated by Saudi Arabia.

In another tweet Madawi wrote: "The Shammar tribesmen of Kuwait should remember the rights of the guest and press their Emir, ibn Sabah, who violated the tribe's principles and international law."

A senior member of the Saudi Royal Court had previously posted tweets which claimed authorities were behind Prince Talal's assassination in Algeria in 2003. Prince Talal stood in opposition to the Al-Saud dynasty in Saudi Arabia.

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