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Exiled prince calls for coup in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Farhan says his uncles must overthrow the Kingdom's regime before even more damage is done

An exiled members of the Saudi royal family has called on his uncles to overthrow King Salman “irrational, erratic and stupid” rule and take over control of the country.

Prince Khalid Bin Farhan told Middle East Eye in an interview that if his uncles were to stage a coup against Salman, “99 per cent of the members of the royal family, the security services and the army would stand behind them.” He stressed that a “change of the ruler himself or the figurehead that rules Saudi Arabia” is what is needed for the country and not just reforms under the current monarch.

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He made the appeal to Prince Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz and Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz, adding that the damage being done to Saudi Arabia will be beyond repair.

“There is so much anger within the royal family,” he was quoted by Middle East Eye as saying. “I took this information and appeal to my uncles Ahmed and Muqrin, who are the sons of Abdulaziz and are highly educated, well versed and able to change things for the better. I can say that we are all behind them and support them.”

Prince Khaled, who was born to a Saudi father and an Egyptian mother, was given political asylum in Germany in 2013.

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