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PA warns of increasing settler aggression

A tree lifter belonging to Israeli settlers uproots trees at Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood of East Jerusalem on August 27, 2018. ( Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency )

The Palestinian Authority warned on Tuesday of the consequences of the increasing escalation of aggression by Israeli Jewish settlers against the Palestinians, Quds Net Newshas reported. A statement from the Foreign Minister in Ramallah blamed the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu for the consequences of the “violent” attacks of the illegal settlers.

Such aggression, said the ministry, is one more reason why international protection should be provided for the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. “The delay of affording protection to the Palestinians is an international conspiracy against the people and a refusal to take up the moral, humanitarian and legal responsibility for their protection.”

The PA called for the international community and human rights groups to end their silence and stand up for Palestinian rights. “The comprehensive Israeli violations which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity must be stopped.”

The ministry accused the Israeli government of using the extremist settlers to terrorise the Palestinians, mainly those who live in so-called Area C, in order to push them to leave their homes and lands, thus paving the way for the further expansion of illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank. The fact that settlers are always protected by occupation security forces, it added, is evidence that their attacks on Palestinians are backed officially by the Israeli government.

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