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Congress discusses law to hold Assad accountable

October 1, 2018 at 12:25 am

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad []

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the passing of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act to penalise the Syrian regime for its crimes to the Supreme Chamber of the Council for discussion.

According to the Director of Government and Strategic Relations at the Syrian American Council, Mohammed Ghanem, the Supreme Committee agreed to pass it to the Senate, on September 26, after the bill faced several obstacles and opposition before moving it to the Senate.

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According to what Agence France-Presse posted on Sunday, Ghanem explained that the Senate would soon discuss the bill, provided that all its 100 members will later vote on it.

The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act is a bill approved by the US House of Representatives (Congress) in 2016, which provides for the penalisation of anyone providing support to Al-Assad’s regime, and requires the President of the United States to impose sanctions on Al-Assad’s allied states.

It is called the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act after the Syrian regime dissident officer, who leaked 55 thousand images of 11 thousand detainees in 2014 who were killed under torture. The pictures had then raised the world public opinion’s rage and were shown in the US Senate.