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Russia, US, France compete over prize Algerian investments

Algerian and EU flags [File photo]
Algerian and EU flags [File photo]

After the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a number of business delegations representing Russia and the United States are expected to arrive in Algeria next week. An unprecedented number of European partners are looking to secure a place in the Algerian market.

During a radio interview on Monday Algerian Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel revealed information about a marathon of meetings expected to be held next month. This comes in parallel with the French continual monopoly of the Algerian national market.


Messahel has said that the interest of foreign partners in the Algerian market stems from Algeria’s strategic location as a Mediterranean, African, and Maghreb as well as Arab country in addition to its social and political stability. Messahel also stressed that President Bouteflika has worked since 1999 to revitalise Algerian diplomacy according to its established principles.

From the beginning, Bouteflika’s discourse aimed to realise three objectives: first, to put an end to bloody clashes in the country; second, he strived to rebuild Algeria through accomplishing deep political and economic reforms. Thirdly, the President worked to restore Algeria’s strong position among other nations.

Celebrating Algerian Diplomacy Day, Messahel stressed that this year will be centered on national reconciliation which has become a cornerstone of political action at national and international scale in the process of conflict management. He said: “In addition to many other achievements Algerian diplomacy has established a pioneering experience in counterterrorism and fighting violent extremism.”

Remembering Algeria’s Black October

In terms of the economy, Messahel reiterated Algeria’s keenness to penetrate foreign markets, especially the African market. Illegal immigration is also set to be top of the agenda.

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