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New Israel bill seeks expulsion of families of Palestinian 'terrorists'

Image of an Israeli military bulldozer demolishing a Palestinian home in Qalqilya, West Bank [Apaimages]
Israeli military bulldozer demolishing a Palestinian home in the West Bank [Apaimages]

Israeli coalition partner Jewish Home will advance a bill to the ministerial committee for legislation on Sunday that would allow authorities to forcible displace Palestinian families of "terrorists" within the occupied West Bank, reported Arutz Sheva.

According to the report, the law currently only allows Israel to deport the families of Palestinian assailants or alleged assailants "if the defence establishment can prove that they constitute a clear and present danger to the public".

The so-called "Terrorist Family Expulsion Law" would allow the government to advance the expulsion of individuals who acted as alleged "accomplices", including family members "who were aware of their relative's intentions or otherwise supported their attacks".

Specifically, the bill would allow the military to forcibly displace Palestinian families to another area of the occupied West Bank.

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Bill sponsor MK Moti Yogev said the draft legislation is designed to avoid censure by the Supreme Court, since the expulsions would be within the West Bank, as opposed to Lebanon or Gaza.

Moti Yogev , Knesset member [miri tzachi/Wikipedia]

Moti Yogev , Knesset member [Miri tzachi/Wikipedia]

"Deterrent is a cornerstone of Israel's security as a way to save lives and preserve law and order," the statement explaining the bill said. "The requested step in this bill has been proven as a deterrent, reducing future attacks and thus saving lives."

Israel frequently uses the method of collective punishment in an effort to deter Palestinian resistance fighters from resisting the occupation, demolishing their family homes and revoking work permits, a measure which rights groups have repeatedly condemned as unlawful.

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