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Iran executes 'Sultan of Gold Coin' and his assistant

November 15, 2018 at 4:13 am

Wahid Mazloumin – photographed by Ali Shirband

Iranian authorities carried out on Wednesday the execution of Wahid Mazloumin, known as “Sultan of Gold Coin,” and his assistant, Mohammed Esmaeil Qassemi.

According to the Iranian news agency Irna, the “Sultan of Gold Coin” is convicted of amassing two tons of gold to manipulate the gold market.

The official Iranian television said that the execution of Mazloumin and Qassemi was carried out in the morning in the capital Tehran.

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It pointed out that the Iranian court has convicted Mazloumin of “spreading corruption in the land” through the establishment and management of a network of corruption to disrupt the country’s economic system and carrying out large illegal transactions as well as violating the law.

The Iranian authorities arrested Mazloumin on July 4, on charges of hoarding two tons of gold to manipulate gold prices and foreign exchange market in Iran, following which he has been called the “Sultan of Gold Coin”.

As for Qassemi, the authorities accused him of belonging to a gang and spreading corruption in the land by disrupting the Iranian financial and economic system with illegal transactions.

The Supreme Court of Iran had approved the sentences of the two accused persons on 21 October.