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Egypt delegation visited Israel to deescalate tension with Palestinians

December 19, 2018 at 1:18 pm

A senior Egyptian intelligence delegation headed by General Ahmed Abdel-Khaliq visited Tel Aviv last week to deescalate tensions between the occupation and Palestinians in West Bank, Arabi21 revealed.

Informed sources from Cairo told Arabi21 that the Egyptian delegation aimed to “contain” the tension triggered by the murder of Palestinians, who allegedly took part in resistance attacks against the occupation in the West Bank.

The sources said that the Egyptian mediation between Israel and the Palestinians is not only limited to the efforts to reach a truce between occupation authorities and Hamas in Gaza, but that Egypt “is investing its strong relations” with Israel to reach a “comprehensive” truce in all the Palestinian territories.

Two Palestinians were killed last week at the hands of Israeli occupation forces in the occupied West Bank. Ashraf Naalwa and Saleh Al-Barghouti were allegedly targeted because they carried out shootings against Israeli settlers.

Al-Barghouti’s family said in a statement that he was not murdered, but he was kidnapped from his car and either he is still alive or was assassinated. The family called for international rights groups and the Red Cross to confirm that he has been killed by seeing his body.

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