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Parliamentarians in Tunisia file a lawsuit to reveal the truth behind the ‘secret apparatus’ and political assassinations

Tunisian Parliament [Wikipedia]
Tunisian Parliament [Wikipedia]

The Secretary-General of the People’s Movement Party and MP in Parliament Zuhair Al-Maghazawi told the German news agency, DPA that 43 deputies from several parties and blocks in parliament filed a lawsuit today in the Tunis court.

Al-Maghazawi explained that the issue of the lawsuit is related to political and security figures in the Ministry of the Interior and the extent of their involvement in what is known as the “secret apparatus”, which accuses the Islamic Ennahda Movement of running it for espionage and infiltration of state organs.

Several parties and the defence committee of politicians Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, who were assassinated in 2013, believe that the apparatus is linked to these crimes.

Al-Maghazawi said that “the lawsuit comes in support of the demands of the defence committee to uncover the truth about the secret apparatus and political assassinations.”

The defence committee had earlier revealed data in the judiciary about the seizure of sensitive documents in the Ministry of the Interior dating back to the period of Islamic Ennahda rule between 2011 and 2013. It said it contained information about infiltrations and recruitment within the security services and documents threatening the security of the state.

On the other side, the Ennahda movement denied any links to the secret apparatus or involvement in political assassinations.

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