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Activists: Iran purchasing real estate in Syria

March 20, 2019 at 11:21 am

Damaged buildings are seen after the Assad Regime carried out an air strike in Syria on 7 April 2018 [Mouneb Taim / Anadolu Agency]

Syrian activists in the province of Deir Ez-Zor said Iran has been purchasing properties in areas controlled by the Syrian regime in the province.

Activist and director of the Deir Ez-Zor 24 network, Omar Abu Layla said representatives of Iranian figures have been purchasing shops and real estate in the city of Mayadin.

Speaking to Arabi21 news site, Abu Laila quoted a resident of Mayadin city as saying that someone contacted him and offered him 15 million Syrian liras ($29,126) to sell his house which is not worth more than five million Syrian liras ($9,709).

The resident added that one of his relatives was offered 25 million Syrian liras ($48,543) to sell his house which is only worth nine million Syrian liras ($17,475).

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A spokesperson for the Syrian tribes Supreme Council, Modar Hammad Al-Assad, said Iranian Jihad Al-Banna organisation has been purchasing real estate in Deir Ez-Zor using the cover of a humanitarian organisation.

He told Arabi21 that the organisation has been actively purchasing properties and agricultural land so that Iran has more control over the border crossings between Syria and Iraq or due to Tehran’s fierce competition with Russia over the ownership of real estate in Syria.