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Egypt court rejects stand against constitutional amendments

Egyptian court in Cairo [File photo]
Egyptian court in Cairo [File photo]

The Cairo Court of Appeals yesterday cancelled a rally organised by seven opposition parties in front of the Egyptian parliament to protest against constitutional amendments.

The Civil Democratic Movement on Sunday submitted a request to the Egyptian interior ministry to organise the gathering, however, the ministry rejected their request under the pretext that it could "threaten public security and peace".

The ministry claimed that it feared that terrorist elements could infiltrate the protest and target security elements.

OPINION: Egypt's opposition and the constitutional amendments

The stand would have marked the first public objection to the constitutional amendments aimed at extending President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's rule for another 15 years, increasing his control over the judiciary, expanding the military courts' jurisdiction to prosecute civilians and broadening the military's powers.

The Egyptian parliament began community dialogue sessions on the constitutional amendments, but opponents say the list of invitees includes only those who support the amendments.

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