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Gantz again refuses to commit to Palestinian state

April 3, 2019 at 11:30 am

Israeli opposition politician Benny Gantz in Tel Aviv on 4 February 2019 [Twitter]

Israeli prime ministerial candidate Benny Gantz renewed his refusal to support Palestinian statehood, reported Haaretz, speaking last night at an event in Tel Aviv.

Asked about his vision for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the head of the Israel Resilience party and the Blue and White list, made no mention of a Palestinian state.

We must maintain the Jordan Valley as a security border, we can’t go back to the 1967 line, and Jerusalem will forever stay united as our capital

Gantz said.

“But we do not want to rule the Palestinians,” he added.

“It’s very important that we will have someone to talk to,” the former Israeli military chief continued.

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“Currently that’s not the case, and I think that Benjamin Netanyahu is locked in past declarations and Mahmoud Abbas is locked in past declarations. Only with new leadership on both sides can we try to move on and get to another place.”

Gantz was also asked whether he would rule out any parties in a future coalition, to which he replied: “I basically exclude no one, but they have to support the Zionist idea, be democratic and not be racist.”

He then further elaborated: “While I have nothing against Arab citizens in this country, and I think they are equal citizens, unfortunately their political leaders are talking against the government. So while I can serve the citizens I can’t cooperate politically with their leaders.”

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