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Rights group calls for international investigation into Sisi regime

A file photo dated December 27, 2013 shows a protester waving the Egyptian and Rab'aa Al Adawiya flags during clashes between police and anti-military protesters in Cairo, Egypt [Mohammed Elshamy / Anadolu Agency]
A file photo dated 27 December 2013 shows a protester waving the Egyptian and Rab'aa Al Adawiya flags after Egyptian police attacked protesters in Cairo, Egypt [Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency]

On the sixth anniversary of the Egyptian coup which ousted the late President Mohamed Morsi, the Human Rights Monitor is calling for an international investigation into the systematic crimes carried out by the Egyptian regime.

The London-based organisation has documented a series of atrocities it says amount to crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute including systematic torture, enforced disappearance and genocide.

The rights group has monitored extensive attempts at eliminating Egypt's opposition, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, activists, political opponents, journalists and intellectuals by forcibly disappearing them, incarcerating them in dire prison conditions and torturing them.

Egypt has come under renewed criticism in recent weeks for its unprecedented use of the death penalty. According the group, 83 people are currently on death row.

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In North Sinai the Egyptian Army has killed over 4,000 civilians and displaced thousands more. It has demolished homes without providing alternative accommodation.

Women and men have been subject to rape, sexual harassment and threats of rape meted out by prison guards, sometimes in a bid to coerce them into confessing.

Political opponents to the current regime are forced out of their jobs, subject to travel bans, placed on terror lists and demonised by the state media.

Human Rights Monitor is calling on the international community "to take the necessary measures to hold those perpetrators accountable, bring them to justice, put an end to these practices and compensate the victims."

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