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Sara Netanyahu demands to enter cockpit after pilot failed to welcome her aboard

Sara Netanyahu and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Twitter]

Israeli Prime Minister’s wife Sara Netanyahu had to be restrained by security after her fury at not being welcomed by name by the pilot on her flight this weekend.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Mrs Netanyahu reportedly attempted to force her way into the cockpit of the airborne El Al plane to express her rage at the pilot’s failure to mention her in his welcome message.

After her feelings were made known, Mrs Netanyahu was given her own special announcement welcoming her personally onto the flight by the pilot.

Although the Israeli Prime Minister’s office did not deny the incident took place, they claimed the account given was ‘distorted’.

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An El Al spokesperson said: “The prime minister’s flight went according to plan. We were pleased to host the prime minister and Mrs Netanyahu on our flight to Ukraine.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife had boarded a flight to Ukraine on a diplomatic trip, rumoured to be a means of currying favour with Russian-speaking voters ahead of next month’s election.
The Netanyahus were greeted in Kiev by women in traditional Ukrainian folk dresses offering bread and salt as a gesture of hospitality.

Russia Today reported that whilst the prime minister ate the piece of bread he was given, his wife seemed uninterested in participating and appeared to drop her piece on the tarmac.

Mrs Netanyahu was recently made to pay over $15,000 after being found guilty of fraudulently using taxpayer money to order thousands of dollars worth of takeaways.
She narrowly avoided a prison sentence after accepting a plea deal, which dropped the serious charge of fraud but upheld the misuse of public funds charge.

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