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Germany criticizes Egypt's repression on civil society

Germany on Wednesday criticized Egypt over repressive measures against media and civil society, in the wake of anti-government protests last week, Anadolu reports.

Germany was closely following recent protests in Egypt, said Rainer Breul, foreign ministry deputy spokesman, speaking at a news conference in Berlin.

"As we have already stated at the UN Human Rights Council last week, growing repression of civil society and free media would not contribute to the stability of Egypt," Breul stressed.

"On the contrary, this might lead to radicalization and violent extremism," he added.

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Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in central Cairo and several other cities last week to protest President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's rule, economic hardships due to ongoing austerity measures.

Breul noted that more than 1,000 people were detained in the country, according to unconfirmed reports by human rights groups.

"The Federal Government [of Germany] expects that the Egyptian authorities would adhere to the principles of rule of law, and those who cannot be accused of committing a crime will be released immediately," he said.

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