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Saudi authorities postpone verdict in Salman Al-Ouda’s case to 30 October

Saudi cleric Salman Al-Ouda [File photo]
Saudi cleric Salman Al-Ouda [File photo]

The competent criminal court postponed the verdict on Salman Al-Ouda until Wednesday 30 October, according to his son Abdullah Al-Ouda’s tweet.

Abdullah Al-Ouda said: “After the suspicious urgency to fix court sessions for my father Salman Al-Ouda, and after previously deciding to pronounce the verdict today, the court suddenly decided to postpone the judgment until Wednesday 30 October. I ask Allah to lift the burden off my father’s and the rest of the detainees’ shoulders.”

The Twitter account Prisoners of conscience, concerned with the human rights situation in the country, stated: “Continued and deliberate stalling in the trial’s hearings of Sheikh Salman Al-Ouda and his family is aimed to harm them. After fixing today for pronouncing the sentence, and after the unwarranted rush to complete the hearings, the authorities decided to postpone that date by 20 days. In fact, a series of overlapping human rights crimes have been committed against him.”

Saudi authorities arrested Salman Al-Ouda in September 2017 after posting a tweet welcoming the possibility of restoring relations with the State of Qatar, the Gulf country that the Saudi regime imposed a siege on in June 2017.

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