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This Gaza garage brings classic cars back to life

Munir Al-Shendi restores old classics and making them roadworthy and usable

October 31, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Munir Al-Shendi has worked as a mechanic for 25 years in a body repair shop in Gaza City.

Al-Shendi recently began working on a 1946 classic which he is working on returning to its former glory. In the besieged enclave this is a more difficult project than expected.

The car has been kept by a Palestinian Gaza for year and was only used for two years over the past decades. Work, however, was completed to it internally and to its mechanical components.

It inspired Al-Shendi to begin restoring old classics and making them roadworthy and usable. This, he explains, is an art form which allows the beauty of the car to re-emerge and allow its history to come back to life. But one that is likely to cost him $12,000 and take two months to achieve.

He is also working on a replica of a 1927 Mercedes Benz. “I suffered a lot. I have a lot of difficulties. The exterior accessories were brought to me by friends from the United States ,” Al-Shendi explained.

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